Thrips Threat? Ontario Workshops Offer Free ID and Management Solutions

Are you facing a recent surge in thrips populations, and the familiar Western Flower Thrips (WFT) just don’t seem to be the culprit? You’re not alone. New thrips species, like onion thrips, Thrips parvispinus, and chrysanthemum thrips, are emerging as threats in Ontario greenhouses.

New Thrips Threat? Ontario Workshops Offer Free ID and Management Solutions
Attention Greenhouse Growers!

The problem? Each thrips species requires specific control measures. Misidentification can lead to wasted effort and frustrated crops.

Our Popular Thrips Identification Workshop is Adding Another Date! – ONfloriculture

To empower you in the fight against these invaders, a collaborative effort by Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, OMAFRA, and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) is offering a series of FREE Thrips Species Identification Workshops.

Why Attend?

Targeted Thrips Control: Learn to identify the specific thrips species plaguing your greenhouse. Different species require different control strategies. This workshop equips you to make informed decisions for effective management.
In-House Expertise: Empower your staff with the ability to identify thrips on-site, reducing reliance on external specialists and saving you valuable time.
What You’ll Learn:

Hands-on Identification: This 3-hour workshop is designed for all experience levels, even those new to microscopes.
Species Recognition: Gain the knowledge to confidently identify common and emerging thrips threats in Ontario greenhouses.
Microscope Skills: Master the basics of microscope selection, sample collection, and handling techniques for thrips identification.
Workshop Dates and Registration:

Limited Space Available! Pre-register Now! Visit the event page for the Thrips Identification Workshop and follow the instructions.
Leamington, Ontario:
May 16th (time TBD) at the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetables Growers (OGVG) head office.
New Date Added! May 17th (time TBD) at the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetables Growers (OGVG) head office.
Niagara Falls, Ontario: Part of the Canadian Greenhouse Conference (CGC) on October 9-10th (specific date and time TBD). Separate CGC registration fee applies.

If you have a microscope and need a head start, the OMAFRA/Vineland Thrips Key for Growers is a valuable resource.

Additional Resources:

The workshops will delve deeper into using the key and proper microscope techniques.

For more help identifying thrips, you can contact these experts:

Vineland Station: Sarah Jandricic ([email protected]) or Ashley Summerfield ([email protected]).
Lymington area: Cara McCreary ([email protected]) or Dr. Rose Labbe ([email protected]).

Don’t let these new thrips threats take over your greenhouse! Take advantage of these free workshops and expert resources. By learning how to identify and manage these pests effectively, you can ensure the health and productivity of your crops

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